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Libero Spirito
Movimento spirituale pauperistico probabilmente influenzato
dai Sufi e dai Beghini  e Begardi e che venne  bollato come movimento eretico
a cui probabilmente Jacopone si è ispirato
Le Lauda di Jacopone 

" Povertá, alto sapere,

a nulla cosa sojacere,
en desprezo possedere
tutte le cose create. . . .

Dio non alberga en core stretto,

tant'é grande quant' hai affetto,
povertate ha si gran petto
che ci alberga deitate. . . .

Povertate è nulla avere

e nulla cosa poi volere;
ad omne cosa possedere
en spirito de libertate."

( Jacopone da Todi )

Scrive Herman Hesse: " ......il più grande e possente successore di Francesco fu Jacopone dei Benedetti, chiamato Jacopone da Todi per la sua città natale, che le amare sofferenze d'un destino avverso trasformarono in un poeta, autore di canti dolorosamente belli. Quali fiaccole fiammeggianti di rossa brace da monti notturni, i suoi molti inni divampano, dolorosi e belli, in fiamme fervide e appassionate."
Influence of Free soul movement   ( about  annihilation )
As air becomes the medium for light
when the sun rises,
And as wax melts from the heat of fire,
So the soul drawn to that light is resplendent,
Feels self melt away,
Its will and actions no longer its own.
So clear is the imprint of God
That the soul, conquered, is conqueror;
Annihilated, it lives in triumph.

What happens to the drop of wine
That you pour into the sea?
Does it remain itself, unchanged?
It is as if it never existed.
So it is with the soul: Love drinks it in,
It is united with Truth,
Its old nature fades away,
It is no longer master of itself.

The soul wills and yet does not will:
Its will belongs to Another.
It has eyes only for this beauty;
It no longer seeks to possess, as was its wont--
It lacks the strength to possess such sweetness.
The base of this highest of peaks
Is founded on nichil,
Shaped nothingness, made one with the Lord.

( Jacopone da Todi )
from " Self- Annihilation and Charity Lead the Soul .."

How Love names the Soul by twelve names

The very marvelous one.
The Not Understood.
Most Innocent of the Daughters of Jerusalem.
She upon whom the Holy Church is founded.
Illuminated by Understanding.
Adorned by Love.
Living by Praise.
Annihilated in all things through Humility.
At peace in divine being through divine will.
She who wills nothing except the divine will.
Filled and satisfied without any lack of divine goodness through the work of the Trinity.
Her last name is: Oblivion, Forgotten.

( Marguerite Porete )

from "Mirror of Simple Souls " 


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